Dear Family and Friends,

Back in 2008, I had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks traveling through Central America photographing for the small Christian organization The Word at Work.” We ended up traveling from the border of Mexico down to the border of Guatemala to document the different ministries they partner with all across the country of Belize. At that time, it not only included building schools, churches, and orphanages, but also building relationships everywhere they went. It was during that trip that I was able to see God’s calling on The Word at Work and their mission in Central America. It was also then that I felt a stirring in my own heart.

Many things have changed since 2008. My family and I now live in Atlanta where I currently run my own photography and video production company. I have been blessed to be able to get to work with many different magazines, TV stations, and collaborations on big projects. While these projects have been very fun and rewarding, there is a divine calling inside of me that is longing to create more meaningful work that can actually help change someone’s life.

Over the past year, I have felt God calling me to reach out to The Word at Work about using my photography, video, and design skills to help document and tell their stories of how God is moving big in Belize. By the grace of God, TWAW has grown so much over the past few years and now partners and works alongside many Belizian ministries including:

• Caring for Children
• Facilitating Medical, Dental & Vision Teams
  (Orphanages, Feeding Programs, etc.)
• Building & Renovation Projects
• Comforting the Dying
• Resourcing Schools & Sponsoring Students
• Providing Clean Drinking Water
• Equipping & Training Women for Employment
• Prison Ministry
• Encouraging Leadership & Development

The Word at Work is a small team with a staff of only six people. Four of which are based in the USA and two in Belize. At this point, TWAW and I feel God’s calling on me to join their staff, part-time, in 2015 as the Creative Director.

I will still be based out of Atlanta, but will be traveling to Belize multiple times throughout the year to help tell the stories of how Jesus is using TWAW to impact the country of Belize. When not in Belize, I will be re-designing their website, print materials, editing videos and photos, and also updating their marketing and online branding. This work will help spread awareness of the amazing miracles happening in Central America and will hopefully, by God’s grace, bring in more donations for mission projects and operations so that TWAW can continue spreading the love of Jesus!

Ashley and I feel that all Christians are called to be “missionaries” to the people and cities wherever they live, but that a special calling has been placed in my heart right now to also serve the people of Central America. We are very excited about this opportunity and I hope you see the value in what we will accomplish!

As you can imagine, this Kingdom work requires financial support from a number of people. The Word at Work is entirely supported by the donations of others. If you can support us in a financial way, we would be very grateful! If you would like to be part of this mission through your financial support, there is a Paypal link at the bottom of the page that will take you to TWAW's paypal page. You can also call 806-342-3600 or fill out the ACH form here and mail to:

The Word at Work
1400 Wolflin Ave
Amarillo, TX 79109

All contributions are tax deductible, as TWAW is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation.

While money is important, it comes in a distant second to our need for your prayer support. Please keep Ashley, our son Jay, and I in your daily prayers as we embark on this journey.

Thank You,

Ben Rollins